Education and Outreach

After my undergraduate work I spent 2 years working as the director of environmental education at the Schrader Envrionemental Education Center in Wheeling, WV.  While there I helped create research-infused middle school curricula, delivered natural history programming, and helped produce outreach materials.

This is a video I filmed and produced of a Red-bellied woodpecker building a nest cavity.  It is narrated by Greg Park.


While there I spent a large portion of my time instructing middle-schoolers (8th grade) in ecological methods ranging from plant community sampling to benthic macroinvertebrate surveys. The program I developed served over 3500 students from West Virginia and Pennsylvania during my 2 year tenure.


As a graduate student at the University of Nevada Reno, I was part of a collaborative group that organized Nevada’s First National Pollinator Weeks events. As part of that event I presented on Northern Nevada’s Bees. The presentation is below.


Most recently my PI (Anne Leonard) and I collaborated with the Daugherty Foundation, Sierra Nevada Journeys, and the UNR College of science to give future science teachers a chance to learn about behavioral ecology.  As part of the program I led senior undergraduate and masters of education students into the field to make behavioral observations of native pollinators, and brought them into the lab to demonstrate behavioral experiments.